Tories are green when it suits them

I AM really pleased to see the Lib Dem council is funding a project to build eco-friendly homes.

What’s more important is that these homes are also affordable, and Cllr. Margaret Bannister and her team are to be commended.

I was present at the Council meeting on November 16 when Cllr. John Ungar put forward a motion for all councillors to approve that Eastbourne council “save money, stay warm and go green”.

It is exactly this sort of forward-thinking that I, as an Eastbourne resident, look towards our council for.

I’m sorry to say that the Conservatives abstained en masse on the principles the motion brought, but was fortunately passed by the Lib Dem group.

Perhaps the Conservatives will think on their party-political differences, and for once work with the Lib Dems for the good of our town.

Basically the Conservatives are green when it suits them.


Channel View Road