To all concerned by new housing

THIS is to all your readers who are concerned about the future of new housing in our area.

On February 24 Wealden District Council released a document entitled Proposed Submission Core Strategy which contains proposed policies for new housing up till 2030.

On my reading there are some 4,500 new homes proposed, mostly in the vicinity of Hailsham, Polegate, Stone Cross and Uckfield and most of these as large developments on greenfield sites which is to say farmland and countryside.

The precise locations are specified.

The document is available on Wealden’s website or from its planning department.

Comments from everyone are invited until April 18.

If you are concerned about this or have ideas about how or where new housing should be built, it is an ideal time to make your views known at this initial stage in the planning process, before things become set in stone.

You can write in to Wealden’s planning department or comment online via Wealden’s website (having registered).

I know this is an issue which many people have strong feelings about.

Come on, take an hour or two to have a look and get writing.

If we don’t comment and we don’t like what happens next, how can we complain about it afterwards?

Paul Lovatt-Smith,

Cinderford Lane