Tired arguments coming out again

IN the wake of the recent nationwide riots, I have lost all patience with the liberal thinking that, as from the Mods and Rockers of my own generation, has encouraged exhibitionists adolescent swagger to reach epic proportions.

I shall decline to express my own views on stringent measures of making the punishment fit the crime.

However media attention that such obscene levels of violence attract obscures the need to afford space for the chronically shy who adverse circumstance and the competitive work force drive into reclusiveness.

Obviously the tired socio-economic argument regarding the alleged deprivation that causes thug behaviour will continue to attain a high profile for the foreseeable future.

However, even under the normal circumstances the very real need for inclusion and support of the chronically shy remains consistently unaddressed.

Get a behaviourist or psychologist to champion this issue other than by referral to self-help courses and textbooks? You must be joking!

M Selby

Burlington Place