Time to tackle blights on town


From: Michael Jeffery

Blackwater Road

Walking through the town centre this Monday morning was a truly depressing experience.

Kicking through the swirls of blowing rubbish, crossing over to avoid the openly imbibing drunks, crossing back to avoid the beggars invective upon being refused a handout and staring hopelessly at youngsters sleeping in shop doorways I wondered, and not for the first time, how Eastbourne has come to this?

Should Stephen Lloyd not reduce the hubris of trying to get his face into as many pages of the Herald as possible every week and instead increase his commitment to the good people of the town? Can he not sit down with councillors, community leaders and the police, not for a photo shoot but for a definitive plan of action to eradicate these negatives blighting the town?

Yes, we had a record number of tourists last year but remembering the state of the main areas last summer will they return this year? We can only hope. An increasingly large amount of our money goes into these peoples’ salaries and gold plated pensions; it’s about time they started giving residents the respect we deserve.