Time to stand up and be counted

I MUST write in reply to the letter from Kevin Gordon, August 10 issue. Seaford Town Council was elected three months ago and it takes time to formulate and action policies.

We are, and will be, looking at a number of schemes for the improvements for Seaford town. There is always a lot of groundwork going on before anything can be brought before council.

We will not be forced into making untimely or ill informed comments! When we are ready, the appropriate announcements will be made, whatever Mr Gordon says or thinks.

All Seaford councillors, who I might add are unpaid volunteers, have been working hard behind the scenes.

To suggest they are not committed is an insult to them all. It is easy for those on the outside, like Mr Gordon, who doesn’t understand the workings of the council to criticise us.

Perhaps if he feels so strongly he should stand and be counted at the next election!

Councillor Ian White

Leader, Seaford Town Council