Time to make our voices heard

I WRITE in response to a front page article in the Seaford Gazette of July 6. I too share Mr John Burns’ frustration about the lack of health facilities in the town and I agree with him that action is needed to make the voices of residents heard.

I think it is time we had a public meeting in Seaford to discuss this burning issue.

While I appreciate there are on-going discussions between local GPs and the new temporary PCT, it is vital we have a meeting that will help collect our thoughts as a community; as to what immediate health services are of priority and needed in Seaford, as well as to help galvanize the support of local GPs and other health professionals for more services to be provided locally.

This public meeting will be different from previous attempts because under the proposed NHS reforms the drivers for improving health services in Seaford will fall to local GPs; therefore this affords us an opportunity to impasse on them what are priorities are.

This public meeting will also be ideal opportunity for the people of Seaford to be brought up to date on the proposed NHS reforms and its effect on health services for Seaford.

The public meeting is also an ideal opportunity for the people of Seaford to meet and stress to our local politicians how important it is for health services in Seaford to be improved. In return this will provide politicians with an opportunity to commit themselves to taking up this cause by fighting for improved health services in Seaford.

The success of the campaign to improve health services in Seaford is dependent on the drive and support of our local politicians.

I therefore hope local politicians will rally round and support my call for a public meeting.

Councillor Sam Adeniji

District and town councillor

Seaford South