Time to install CCTV cameras

I WAS shocked, saddened and disgusted to read in last week’s Herald about the three Swiss boys robbed at knifepoint.

I must declare interest at this point, as I myself was a victim of an assault by a group of young men (one of which fits the description of the Mediterranean male perfectly) around five months ago on exactly the same road, after which I spent four hours in the DGH having my eyebrow glued back together.

Nothing could be done by the police, as there are no cameras around this area, and my assailants struck me from behind.

I also have taught English to some of the students that come to Eastbourne, and know them to be nothing but polite, courteous individuals; despite the reputation they seen to attract whenever they arrive here.

In the article, Sergeant Stella Wells was quoted as saying ‘incidents like this are rare.’

I will have to disagree with her on this point, or at least point out that two similar offences on the same stretch of road within five months are not by any stretch of the imagination ‘rare’.

Someone has realised they can get away with these atrocious acts around that area, as there isn’t anyone to stop them.

Some kind of security measures need to be taken to stop things like this from happening, ie CCTV cameras.

That is now two separate attacks on the same road, at least one of which the offenders will suffer no repercussions for their actions.


Wallis Avenue