Time for cycle path compromise

I HAVE read William Cavendish and John Davies Gilbert developed the natural beauty of Eastbourne described as the town “planned by gentlemen for gentlemen”.

Is there a historian locally who can explain the reason for the three tiers of promenade which I understand were built by the 7th Duke of Devonshire at his own expense.

Could it be each tier represented where one could stroll depending on your place in society?

Easier access for bathing huts? One way going, back another? I am most intrigued.

My interest is related to the press given by the Herald on cycle paths plus the bespoke campaign asking for a path to Holywell.

Local residents it would seem do not want to see this happen.

Is it not possible the compromise could be the middle path for cyclists upper and lower for promenading?

From my window on the North Harbour I watch families young and old enjoying the cycle paths we have here.

Just recently numbers have grown ( maybe price of petrol?) how wonderful families out together in the fresh air – a very healthy activity.

Could see their enjoyment, so aged 73 have bought a bicycle and hat having lessons from my 75-year old friend Pam!

I do not want to go on the roads, cycle paths are making it possible for me to build up confidence and experience the fun I see others having.

By the way our doctors are really pleased with us both!

Jackie Ferguson

Johnston Place

North Harbour