This was not volunteering

As a regular subscriber to the Herald I look forward to perusing your pages on a Friday and a playing a version of the “Where’s Wally” game to spot how many photo’s our local MP can get you to published with him in it.

Most weeks we have numerous photos of him posing with voluntary groups, charities, business leaders etc. but this week there were only three.

The photo of the MP that caught my attention was the one that showed him entertaining a group of his office workers, who are described as “volunteers”, to tea at the Houses of Parliament in celebration of National Volunteer Week. It strikes me that the idea of National Volunteer Week was to celebrate the work of real volunteers not political activists!

Surely in the course of his photo shots over the past year Mr Lloyd would have become acquainted with some real volunteers who warranted a special treat – a flick through your pages over the past weeks would have given him a clue to the many unsung heroes in our community if he could not identify anybody himself.

Perhaps I am being a bit too cynical but I really think Mr Lloyd has shown his true colours in publicly feting his political activists in this way –but then he knows that he will need all the help he can get from them in 2015!


Saffrons Park, Eastbourne