This is not Gotham City!

I AM involved in local politics because I love Eastbourne, want the very best for our home town and so have reluctantly learnt to put up with the low level abuse as featured in John Simkins’ letter of March 23 ‘using children as political tool’.

This kind of behaviour still bothers my mum however, who has never got over the fact that people came to our home, in the night, to smash car mirrors and election posters (twice over).

So, despite Mr S’s vile accusations, I can’t allow myself to be intimidated, this is Eastbourne not Gotham City!

His letter is designed to deceive and mislead and my best defence is that you, Dear Herald Reader, can check out the ‘X files’ and see that Conservatives councillors did indeed put forward a motion to re-establish the skatepark at Cross Levels Way: page 2, ‘Council Agenda 14 September’ (available online at ) and, that Conservative Cllrs. voted for a budget which included £120,000 for such a project (cross-referencing page 3 ‘Minutes Council 22 Feb’ for the list of proposed changes to the amended budget).


Baldwin Avenue.