This is as barmy as it gets

As we have no knowledge of office procedures, can anyone who has please explain the logic in returning to work after a public holiday and logging straight on to their computer and sending out reminders for unpaid bills before opening their accumulated mail to see who has/has not paid in their absence.

To us, this is as barmy as it gets, but not to the council revenue office. We cannot be the only household who delayed their December council tax payment for obvious reasons, yet our cheque posted December 28 was sitting in their postbox to be processed on their return – January 3.

We know this for a fact as our bank confirmed the payment was debited the next day! The council seemingly has no conscience about throwing away our money on printing paper envelopes, postage, etc.

Are there any private businesses that do this? Sensible explanations please.

MR AND MRS WEBB, Seaside Road.