This doesn’t meet charity objectives

I REFER to the letters (August 28) from messrs Wicking and Scott, of Hazel Grove, on the Edgmond Church site development and regret they have not taken the trouble to try to understand the points I have been trying to make.

My comments have been based on the concepts expressed by the JPK charity on its website and on the planning application to the borough council.

What I am particularly concerned about is the total unsuitability of the proposed site to achieve these objectives.

It is far too small to provide a decent living environment for 24 permanent residents and stands little or no chance of attracting sufficient trade to make its commercial and social aspirations achievable.

Why, then, persist with this location when it cannot meet the charity’s stated objectives?

It is quite clear some of its supporters are prepared to unquestioningly follow the lead of the board of its trustees, something I find very strange in view of the fact this is an organisation with no track record of managing projects of this nature in the past.

The charity was formed in 2001 when, according to its literature, “it was discovered there was a need for residential accommodation in the East Sussex Area for people with a learning disability.”

This is also strange. There have always been people with learning disabilities. I believe donors, past and prospective, should ask to be provided with a detailed assessment of the site’s suitability for such a substantial investment, together with a detailed business plan showing what assumptions have been made as to its future viability.

In the current economic climate, it is more important than ever to ensure money is spent wisely.


Brightland Road