They deserve a little respect

I would not normally respond to such a letter as Mr Woolmer chose to submit but feel I have no alternative given the that he implys I am responsible for the election costs incurred by Polegate Town Council (PTC) in the forthcoming election of September 26.

Had Mr Woolmer waited for the distribution of my election material he would have read my explanation of why I am standing, as indeed he would have at the time of my resignation in the Herald.

By his own words to me Mr Woolmer is involved with “his friends” in the North Ward in ensuring that this election takes place, just as he was, again by his own words to me, in ensuring an election took place following the passing of Cllrs Roy Martin and Gerald Carter in 2012.

Mr Woolmer was also heavily involved in the village green application, which was pointless given the covenants in place on the land in question.

The approximate cost of those actions to Polegate town council taxpayers being in the region of £15/20k, quite how he has the gall to accuse me of being responsible for any of that amazes me.

I have never played any part in the calling of an election, either directly or surreptitiously so cannot be held responsible for any such costs. When a councillor has to be replaced, whatever the reason, it can be done by co-opting, a very normal practice.

Mr Woolmer advised me last year that he would not allow that to happen, he wanted an election to bring to an end to what he believes to be the stranglehold the PRA has on PTC.

Being Independent will allow me to present my views on what is best for Polegate without having to concern myself with sticking to party policies, as has been proved by the existing Independent councillors on PTC.

One last opinion for those who stand on the sidelines constantly sniping at councillors, whilst rarely, if ever stepping up to the plate themselves, should appreciate they are working to try to improve the community in which we live.

Those town/parish councillors who do offer themselves to work for the community receive no financial remuneration whatsoever for doing so, they do receive expenses but rarely if ever, claim them, so I feel that whatever their political persuasion they deserve a little respect for the work they do.

They may not always get it right but they are doing their best and of course councillors, among themselves, will hold different opinions but that is a vital part of what makes democracy work.


Brookside Avenue.