There’s more to tourism in Eastbourne than Airbourne

I wonder. Are we just hordes of homeless getting high on aviation fuel when it is “Airbourne” (and soon parting with our money).

There is an English proverb “It is no festival unless there be some fighting”. This “free” airshow is a four-day event hanging on to the RAF aerobatic vapour trails.

Do we really need the aeroplanes for a four- day town festival?

There is wind, sun and rain. Eastbourne was a resort before Spain’s “sol y playa” (sun and beach). We are “salud y playa” (health and beach). The Spanish say “Salud y muchas pesetas!” (Health and many pennies!).

Is it so hard to attract visitors to Eastbourne and give them a holiday that has them genuinely feeling all the better for it?

We can polish the Flanders mud off our shoes for once and wash down the memory of bomb blasted brick dust with a pint of beer.

Bomber pilot Leonard Cheshire V.C. survived to see the devastation of war in Europe and Japan. His last mission was to see nobody homeless and helpless in their home. That was the start of Cheshire Homes.


Upperton Gardens