The volunteers did really well

I WOULD like to make some points in reply to last week’s letter “More could have been raised (at Airbourne)”.

The main point is that considering the few numbers of voluntary collectors we had, it was amazing we collected as much as we did.

The collectors we did have were deliberately placed at all the entry/exit points for people leaving the Western Lawns, beaches, and the top promenade.

We didn’t have enough collectors to be there all day, but as a ‘retiring collection’, there were two people in bright red T-shirts positioned at each entree point for the last three hours of each day of Airbourne.

There were also collectors roaming the beaches and a giant perspex ‘bucket’ on the middle of the Western Lawns which I’m amazed anyone missed.

Many of the stalls, cafes and programme sellers also had static buckets (albeit some of them being small).

Performing on the Western Lawns was Jal Clarke, of Icon stylists, who as well as cutting hair for £5 donations, staged entertainment along with the talented singer, Leigh Baker. Jal had two buckets prominently displayed on a stage.

Although few in number, we, as the collectors, made our presence felt as much as was humanly possible. I can only assume that as Chris and Stephanie Bishop point out, it was indeed just coincidental and bad luck they were unable to see a single bucket to donate to.

I’m grateful to the suggestions they made in their letter for collecting more money next year.

We have already planned to include more of the giant static buckets along the sea-front and hopefully, Chris and Stephanie, along with everyone else will have no choice but to see where they can donate their pounds.

I’m also hoping that next year, we can persuade more people to volunteer as collectors. If anyone would like to offer a few hours at Airbourne 2013, they should contact It would be wonderful to think we could raise even more money next year for Airbourne.

It would not only ensure the future of a fantastic event but could mean even better flying displays as well as supporting a worthwhile charity.


Milton Road