The Towner – the case for the defence...

Isn’t it a shame that Mr Stevens didn’t check his facts regarding the Towner?

As a regular visitor to the gallery I fully support the success of this established collection and the forward-thinking professional staff in their beautiful modernist building.

One can only suspect that Mr Stevens has been ‘seduced’ by the ‘new’ – with no permanent collection, Margate cannot possibly compare with the 4,000+ strong Towner collection, in addition to the highly publicised and well attended contemporary shows.

Perhaps Mr Stevens should make the effort to go on one of the Towner’s monthly art store tours – hugely informative and a wonderful behind-the-scenes look at a prized and public collection; then, perhaps, he will discover what an asset the Towner is to Eastbourne.

Oh – and he will also discover that the Towner also exceeded its target within the first year.

Janet Squire

Leinster Square, London.