The Towner – the case for the defence...

Oh dear, the ‘hate Towner’ brigade are off on their hobbyhorses once again.

First, Annemarie Field with her uninformed and unsubstantiated comments (Out In The Field column, July 29).

Does she have any idea of the scope of the Towner in fostering an appreciation of art among young people locally? She should be there when a school class is enthusiastically looking at the exhibits and being inspired to draw and paint themselves.

Then there is David Stevens and how the Turner in Margate has already passed its opening target of visitors.

The Turner has only been open for three months whereas the Towner has been established here for two years and, in its more modest way, it too passed its opening target figure.

Does he stand outside policing the building each day and keeping a tally?

How often have either of these two philistines visited the Towner in the two years since its opening; in that time it has been established as a leading contemporary gallery, now followed by the Turner Margate and the Hepworth Wakefield.

Stop carping and be grateful that Eastbourne can be referred to as a cultural town at last.

One can sympathise with the forward looking people of Bexhill when the De La Warr was proposed but that was 80 years ago.

Antony Howard

Meads Road