The prom was only ever intended for walking along

With regard to Mr Webb’s letter in last week’s Herald, I would like to point out that it is not logical or reasonable to insist that people take cyclists’ safety into account while allowing them to impose the kind of risks on pedestrians on the prom that the cyclists are trying to avoid on the road.

Pedestrians on the prom include the very young, the very old and the disabled, and they may not have the mobility or the awareness to avoid a collision.

I would love to cycle on the prom, but don’t want to do so if it deprives people of all ages and abilities of the simple pleasure of walking without risk.

We cyclists have the lovely long Cuckoo Trail to use, and as it was set up for the purpose of shared activities, no-one can object to sharing.

The prom, however, was only ever intended for walking and there really isn’t the room for shared activities, hence all the objections from people who feel that they would feel at risk, including me.

Happy cycling, Mr Webb, but please think about others, too. I am afraid that if you live in a community with nearly 100,000 other people, sometimes you cannot have things your own way, and you need to accommodate that with good grace.

Diane Bisto, Upland Road.