The price we pay for cuts


From: Chris Evans

The Avenue

With all the debris: petals, twigs and leaves being blown off the trees we wait expecting the road sweeping truck to come along The Avenue, usually on a Friday morning.

It used to come regularly between 6.30 and 7am, before the commuters came and parked their cars. They then had access and were able to clear the drains of accumulated debris.

These are now partially blocked, for the last few times they have come too late to get to the drains and gutters.

If they come early they can do a good job, but last Friday they sailed down the middle of The Avenue – job done! What good is that?

The Avenue is a busy road, and people getting out of taxis don’t want to land in a puddle of water. On occasions residents have attempted to clear the drains.

Do we have to thank council cutbacks for this inefficiency?