The Emperor’s New Clothes

IS IT just me? Am I the only one who thinks digital TV is one big con? A case of The Emperor’s New Clothes?

Just come back from a week’s hols to find my viewing has all gone to pot. I was prepared. A Freeview tunered DVD recorder attached to my main TV, and set top boxes on the kitchen and bedroom TVs. So what do I find?

The kitchen and bedroom sets have lost their blue colour necessitating ploughing through the menus and playing with the scart options to get it back.

The main lounge TV has gone green having lost its red colour and needing ages spent playing with set-up.

Colours back to normal and what do we have? 80ish channels of absolute dross! Programmes I watched 20 years ago and have no wish to see again. A remote in either hand. Umpteen shopping channels selling rubbish I can well do without. Ten minutes of ads for every ten minutes of programme. Pornography into the small hours.

And worst of all, that absolutely infuriating five to ten second delay every time I press a button on the remote, leading me to get Channel 11 or 111 when I want Channel 1.

Text is a shadow of its former self, with, again the delays and endless button pressing making it just not worth the effort.

And why this very second class service compared to analogue? Because our wonderful Government wants to make billions selling off the analogue channels to the mobile phone industry!

They tried to tell us that bad analogue reception areas would have good digital reception. Try telling that to my brother-in-law who lives in Alfriston.

He has had to go the Freesat route to get any signal at all! I was perfectly happy with the four analogue channels I had, and refuse to be conned into thinking that this digital rubbish is better.


Bay Tree Close, Heathfield