The electorate rejected Labour

IN RESPONSE to Jake Lambert, youth and student officer of the Eastbourne Labour Party, (Herald, December 2), perhaps I can point out a few significant inaccuracies he saw fit to write.

The current Coalition is paying for the mistakes of the Party he sees fit to be a member of.

For example Jake cites the cutting of the Future Jobs Fund as a contributing factor to the unemployment figures.

That fund created so-called ‘jobs’ for a short-term period of six months, paid by the tax-payer, which allowed the jobless figures for the unemployed to be massaged for political purposes.

These ‘job’ placements had no lasting legacy for either job-seeker or employer. This Labour initiative was scrapped.

In its place, we have a Government policy to create real and lasting jobs through Apprenticeships. Jake should be supporting this. Look at the success of the scheme in Eastbourne.

Perhaps Jake conveniently forgot youth unemployment soared under Labour. Indeed, when Labour left office last year, youth unemployment was at 900,000.

I pay tribute to our MP Stephen Lloyd, who has played such an important part in the success of the apprentice scheme. I might also point out Mr. Lloyd kept his promise in his voting on the tuition fees this time last year. Stephen is clearly a man of honour.

In my opinion, the same cannot be said of the Labour party who continually run away from the mess they left the country 18 months ago.

Jamie should note the electorate of Eastbourne continues, quite rightly, to reject the Labour Party. I don’t think it’s anything personal towards the candidates - its just it was clear to most the Labour party are not fit to govern a country such as ours.


Hampden Park, Eastbourne