The dream of unlimited money is no more...

Protestors outside the Eastbourne town Hall
Protestors outside the Eastbourne town Hall

THE description “disingenuous” hardly covers the assertions made by Lib Dem Councillors David Tutt and Gill Mattock, in support of their “protest” at the Town Hall last week, against county council budget reductions (pictured).

The truth is that expenditure cuts now being experienced in the South East result from decisions taken by the Coalition Government in an understandable effort to bring the country’s finances under control after Labour’s abuse of the public purse.

It must be difficult for the Lib Dems to accept reality in the public finances.

The dream world of unlimited “Government money” is no more, but that seems not to have percolated to their party here in Eastbourne. Surely, somebody else must be to blame.

Councillor Tutt should know full well that nationally, the Lib Dems are not only implementing the grant reductions referred to but they advocated “cuts” well before the General Election!

I quote in support two references taken from a reliable Lib-Dem source, The Guardian newspaper.

“Bold and even ‘savage’ cuts in government spending will be necessary to bring the public deficit down…” says Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrat leader.”

“Vince Cable, the party’s treasury spokesman is calling for £80 billion in cuts and suggesting debt be repaid more quickly than Labour proposed. Cable proposes that fiscal tightening should be eight per cent of national income, instead of 6.4 per cent, spread over five years rather than eight.”

Mr Tutt does not appear to be in harmony with his local MP or his party.

Should they get together so that we know where the Eastbourne Lib Dem members stand?

Or is it simply there’s an election in the offing which inspired this thoughtless outburst?

Michael Black

Hardwick Road