The Cuckoo Trail for cyclists and walkers to enjoy

The Cuckoo Trail
The Cuckoo Trail

ON New Year’s Day my friend’s little dog was run over by a speeding cyclist going towards Sayerlands Lane, Polegate, along the Cuckoo Trail.

The dog’s leg was broken and he was crying in pain, although asked to stop to help, the man rode along, leaving the owner to phone her husband to get the dog home, and call the vet at St Anne’s.

This cowardly act makes me and many other users of the Cuckoo Trail very angry.

Some cyclists think the Cuckoo Trail is only for them.

The by-law states they are to give way to others and use bells which often they fail to do. Next time it could be more serious.

The little dog, by the way, was operated on January 3 at the Veterinary Hospital in Surrey.

The cost to the owner in worry and money was terrible and unnecessary.

This beautiful area is for all to enjoy and share.

Mrs Attanson

Windsor Way, Polegate