The blame game means public picks up the tab

I DON’T know how many times I have answered the phone recently only to hear a representative of some law firm asserting that, according to their records, I have just cause to make a claim for some reason or other, and offering their services to act on my behalf.

In reality I have never had any reason to claim against any individual or organisation.

Imported from America, it seems that the claiming society is in robust health in the UK and is here to stay.

We are bombarded by television adverts and flyers through the letterbox, urging us to follow the path of litigation to secure damages for some alleged mishap or other.

Canvassers from legal firms seem to have taken up a semi-permanent position in many of our shopping centres and other public places to drum up business from passers by.

I would be amongst the first to uphold people’s right to seek compensation if they have genuinely suffered physically, financially or in any other way through the ill-will or negligence of a third party.

But it seems we are now being positively encouraged to jump on the band wagon of making dubious or exaggerated claims in order to cash in on some of the ludicrously inflated awards that are sometimes made.

Ultimately it’s Joe Public who has to pick up the tab for such largesse in the form of ever-increasing insurance premiums or various forms of taxation.

At the root of the problem, apart from the desire for easy material gain, is the refusal of some people to see anything as their own fault, thereby hammering a few more nails into the coffin of personal responsibility.


Meads Road.