The Black Hole of Eastbourne

After the huge excitement of the general election has passed (yawn), why does not our beloved council do something really effective and safe?

Have a left turn only exit from the Langney Shopping Centre onto Langney Rise!

Any traffic wishing to go south towards the Sovereign Harbour and the Crumbles would only have to travel an extra fifty metres to the roundabout on Willingdon Drove and then a 180 degree turn to head south once more.

The number of near accidents I have watched on that junction is quite frightening.

Easy to do, safe, and sensible. I have also noticed that the monstrosity being built on the south side of Martello roundabout on the A259 is nearing completion.

Even uglier than even I possibly imagined.

Did they get their design inspiration from studying drawings of the Black Hole of Calcutta? Or possibly a disused coal mine?

Oh well, off to the pub.

Andy Adams,

Trossachs Close