Thanks to those who helped us

Email your letters to us
Email your letters to us

From: Alison Hurst

Gorringe Valley Road

On July 25 at approx 12.30pm, my daughter Connie and I were involved in a head-on collision on the A259 East Dean Road and through your newspaper we would like to thank some very kind people who stopped and helped us both.

First on the scene was a very kind gentleman whose name I can’t remember, but who worked for the Red Cross and he carried out the initial First Aid that a paramedic would do.

There was also another kind lady who comforted us both and said she would stand as a witness.

The biggest thanks go to PC Richard Hobbs (Road Traffic Police), The Ambulance Service and The Fire Brigade for their rapid response.

We both sustained significant injuries and spent a week in The Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton, but thankfully in time we should make a full recovery.

For those that were there and knew how distraught I was as my beautiful Labrador Lottie was trapped in the car, sadly she had to be put to sleep as her spine was broken in two places due to the impact of the crash.

A million thanks to St Anne’s Veterinary Group for being there, a wonderful team who I know did everything they possibly could to help her.

I would like to also point out (for the few who like to gossip) that this accident was totally out of my hands and that I was NOT using my mobile phone.

Apparently the accident was reported on the Herald website, firstly the two cars you named involved were incorrect and you stated that nobody was injured.

How far from the truth that statement was. Thankfully by some miracle we are here to tell the tale. Thanks to anyone else that I may have failed to mention.