Thanks to the wonderful men who pushed our car out of mud


From: Malcolm and Brenda Finnis

Rise Park Gardens

On Sunday we set out to visit Raystede Animal Centre only to find on arrival that it was the day of their Christmas fair.

Cars were parked on the grass verges some half a mile each side of the entrance and on both sides of the road.

We attempted to do the same only to find that, when the two front wheels were on the wet and muddy grass, with the rear wheels still on the road, that we were well and truly stuck!

We attempted to reverse out and tried a rubber mat beneath the wheel without any success and were acutely conscious of traffic building up behind us.

Three wonderful men from nearby cars came over, one armed with two brand new vehicle escape mats and after some herculean pushing, returned us wholly onto the road.

We hope they were not too muddied in the process.

A wonderful seasonal gesture; we would like to thank them and wish them and their families a very happy Christmas and prosperous New Year.