Thanks to the three saviours of Eastbourne

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I would like to thank the three saviours of Eastbourne who promptly came to the aide of my father (Mike Bourne) who lives at Burton Road, Rodmill last week.

After a serious bout of flu he suddenly found he couldn’t breathe and as mum had popped to the local hairdressers he dialled 999 as he was fainting away.

Enter saviour one - the hairdressers, Envy in Framfield Road who dried mum’s hair super quick and actually drove her back home (even though they were very busy) to dad in time to catch saviour two - the paramedics who had arrived within five minutes to stabilise dad and also kind enough to comment on mum’s lovely hairdo.

Savour three then arrived – Dr Luke of Grove Road surgery who made dad comfortable enough to be able to stay at home and recuperate.

I must say that I am very impressed with all three Eastbourne services and their extreme kindness and prompt service which is a credit to your town.

Merry Christmas to Eastbourne.

JACQUELINE HILTON, Hildenborough, Tonbridge.