Thanks to the panto front of house

One of our customary Eastbourne treats is the panto, brilliantly written and directed by Chris Jordan.

However, this year I’m not writing in praise of the show but I’m commending the care and attention that was shown us by the front of house staff in the Devonshire Park.

We took my six-year-old granddaughter Poppy to see Sleeping Beauty. She was greatly looking forward to the panto but, on arriving at the theatre she said she was too frightened to go in because of the scary bits.

We got as far as the entrance to the auditorium where we met front of house Simon who was showing people to their seats.

On seeing her reluctance to see the show he spent a long time talking to her and gently encouraging her to give it a try – as did Judy Piper. They found alternative seats for us in the back row so that Poppy could leave if she got scared.

I also saw them looking over to see if she was enjoying the show. We greatly appreciate the kindness shown and the time given to Poppy.

Now here are two stars well-suited to the welcoming atmosphere that one always gets when visiting the theatre. And did she enjoy the show? Of course she did. Thank you so much.