Thanks to the excellent nurses at the DGH

Recently I was a patient in Cuckmere Ward at the District General Hospital. I was treated with the utmost care and attention.

Both male and female doctors coming in several times to keep me informed each day as to how I was making progress.

Nurses were excellent and I did not bother if I cam back home. Each Nurse was excellent in her job and also the male orderly was without a doubt a darn good worker. Nowhere in the ward was allowed to gather dust under the beds or over to the windows

I was treated well when I was taken in my bed with two nurses and doctor in attendance for the reason of the jaundice. I was pleased when I eventually got rid of the yellow colour that was quite yellow all over my face, eyes and arms.

I trust we in the south are grateful for our well run hospital when we read of poor run hospitals north of the border and can witness pictures on television etc.


Howletts Close.