Thanks to strangers who came to my rescue

JUST before Christmas, when we had those horribly icy roads, I took something to a friend in Manor Hall Nursing Home, Borough Lane.

It was a slow journey there, as preparations were in hand for the Grove Road/South Street closings.

However, the main roads were okay, ice-wise.

I was going to turn into Borough Lane, but could see many cars in trouble, so went on to Vicarage Road, and on into Greys Road.

This was a huge mistake. It was like a skating rink, and with cars parked either side I was terrified.

Eventually I got out and spread an old sheet I keep in the boot, so the tyres could grip.

A very kind lady assisted me, and I steered towards an end parking spot somehow and kept moving the sheet.

A young man then came to my aid, and between us we left the car in a safe position.

I managed to go in to my friend, as I was now opposite the nursing home.

One of the staff was extremely concerned I wouldn’t reach the main road when I came out, where I said I would be able to get a bus.

However, in an incident I wouldn’t like to repeat I would like to thank sincerely three very kind strangers through the letters page, as I don’t know their names.

Anne Goldsmith

Chiswick Place, Eastbourne