Thanks for the great sacrifice

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Call the newsdesk on 01780 758951 or e-mail SUS-170809-161328001

From: Susanna Charles

St Anne’s Road, Willingdon

On Sunday, November 12, having watched the service at The Cenotaph on TV, my husband and I drove into Eastbourne. It was cold and the sun was shining and we wanted to see the pier.

Unable to park, we drove past twice! In the sunlight the pier looked beautiful, wonderful like a fairy-tale scene. Continuing along the seafront, hotels gleaming in the sun, no rubbish or litter about, up Beachy Head Road to Beachy Head we parked. Howling wind, bright sunlight and fresh smell of salty sea.

A bus-load of young, happy teenagers rushed over the green to see the sea. As we left we could see Belle Tout, a shimmering sea, and a panoramic view surrounded us. It felt like peace.

We feel we were so lucky to have lived, had families and friends and to be safe. Why are we not thankful? Those who died in the wars, so we could have a life, not living in fear. Do I remember the war? Yes, living in South East London (my father was in the RAF). When the siren went, red Mickey Mouse mask on, and under the stairs with my mother who read me stories. Or, if a night time raid, run to neighbour’s cellar plus blankets. Later a wire cage in the dining room.

I remember the fire of London – blood red sky. The noise of planes and the whistle of the doodlebugs. I remember the all-clear siren. Thank you for my wonderful life due to the great sacrifice of others.