Thanks for the DGH raffle support

For about six months now I have sat in the foyer of the DGH selling raffle tickets for the Friends of Eastbourne Hospitals – at least once, sometimes twice a week.

As time went by I realised how much pleasure I got from selling the tickets. It was a golden opportunity for me to say thank you to the DGH for the various treatments I have had over the years.

My greatest pleasure was seeing the expectant mums coming for their appointments and eventually walking past me with their new baby.

It made me glad for having the maternity ward and SCBU on site.

When buying their raffle ticket people would ask what the cause was and I would explain and tell them of the great work done by the Friends. £15 million has been raised over the last 64 years to fund much-needed equipment, furniture and fittings for wards and departments.

All this has aided consultants, doctors, nurses, technicians and heads of departments to diagnose patients quicker, thus carrying out their treatment using the new technology which you, the general public, have made possible by buying the raffle tickets and supporting the various events all the year round.

May I, on behalf of the Friends, say thank you for your continued support. If you have a few hours to spare why not come and join the voluntary services. Call 417400 ext 4880.

JEANIE SOWERBY, Meadowlands Avenue.