Thanks for support in cluster bomb stand

THROUGH your columns I would like to thank all your readers that have written to the CEO of the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) or their MP calling on the bank to cease their funding of the manufacture of cluster bombs.

I am delighted to report that the campaign has been successful and RBS has climbed down and agreed to stop such funding as well as encouraging other banks to adopt the same stance.

The campaign, initiated by Amnesty International, has been a resounding success and just shows what people power can achieve.

There is, though, a further campaign that we can get involve with that will also save millions of innocent lives and that is their campaign to stop the international trade in arms that fuel the deaths of so many millions of civilians in places like Syria, Libya, Egypt recently and many others previously.

Next year our government will voice its concerns on this issue at the United Nations General Assembly and what our readers can do is to write to William Hague MP and ask him to be robust in his determination to call for a comprehensive Arms Trade Treaty, (ATT).

Such a treaty in 2012 must effectively reduce armed conflict, human rights atrocities, acts of terrorism, crime and poverty and enhance international peace and security for the benefit of all.

We haven’t much time; William Hague is due to address the 66th UN General Assembly this September 2011 where he has the opportunity to promote a strong ATT as well as encourage other governments to do similar.

Here in Britain we have a very controlled system to regulate the ownership of shotguns and firearms.

In this 21st century we should be able to spread our influence globally to stop this atrocious trade in weapons of death.

Tony Smith

Brownbread Stud