Thanks for our warm welcome


From: Debra Wallace

Potters Bar, Herts

would like to thank you all for your warm welcome on our recent visit to Eastbourne.

We attended the 2018 Sunshine Carnival in our Edwardian parachutists costumes to remember and pay respect to British heroine and Eastbourne former resident, the Edwardian lady parachutist, Miss Dolly Shepherd, aka Mrs E Sedgwick, born in Potters Bar, November 19, 1886.

Dolly is the Guinness World Record holder for the first mid air rescue on June 9, 1908.

I found out about Dolly Shepherd in August 2015 and became a fan and after the carnival I felt inspired to start The Dolly Shepherd Appreciation Society, where Dolly and her ballooning and parachuting female counter parts from the Edwardian and Victorian era and the 18th Century, can be remembered and celebrated again for their part in aeronautical history. Dolly died in Eastbourne, September 21, 1983.