Thank you to our local hospitals

There has been some criticism recently about our local hospitals which, from my recent experience, I feel is totally unwarranted.

I recently developed a heart condition and was taken by ambulance to Eastbourne DGH on a Friday afternoon. Our DGH and Hastings Conquest Hospital alternate cardiac on call care at weekends and it was really the Conquest’s turn when I was taken in.

I was transferred to Hastings by ambulance on the Saturday evening. The doctors there decided I needed an urgent angiogram and the on call consultant and his team came in on the Sunday to do this.

The procedure was carried out and the doctors were unsure whether or not I would need a bypass operation or just stents.

Because of this I was taken by ambulance later that Sunday evening the to the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton.

I ended up having a couple of stents inserted on the Monday afternoon and was home for lunch on the Tuesday. Al this, you will note, over the dreaded weekend. I cannot praise too highly the care, kindness and compassion of all the staff in all three hospitals and this includes the ambulance paramedics who transported me.

All the wards I was in were noticeable for their cleanliness and the attention to detail by everyone was without fault. There isn’t anything wrong with our local hospital service if you are in a life- threatening situation.


Shortlands Close,