Thank you from the bonfire team

EASTBOURNE Bonfire Society thanks everyone who turned out last Saturday for the 10th anniversary grand procession and fireworks display. Over the last three years the event has grown both in terms of the number of visiting societies and crowd.

An unfunded public event such as this cannot go ahead without the fundraising efforts of the society and the much-appreciated support of local businesses.

A great many from the town gave their services gratis and we would especially like to thank: the marshals, without whom the event could not take place; the musical contributions of The Pentacle Drummers, Eastbourne Pipers, The Kingfisher Scout Band, Hunter’s Moon Morris and the Portuguese band and dancers and all who volunteered to shake buckets for good causes.

Special thanks go to Eastbourne Borough Council events team, RAYNET and the emergency services, to Travis Perkins for the supply of torch batons and to Frontier Fireworks for their display and sponsorship.

Bonfire is once again a fixture in the town’s autumn calendar and is well-placed to bring communities together from across the town and county.

There is huge potential for the town to market itself and the hospitality trade to draw new business from this event.

It will not however, survive if the community does not embrace it and become more involved.

Work for next year’s event starts now and we invite you to join us. For more details of how you can help, email


Eastbourne Bonfire Society