Thank you Airbourne and keep it coming

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Email your letters to us

From: Roger P Maplethorpe

Blakesley Road, Yardley

I write in connection with the weekend Airbourne 2017 spectacular – which indeed it was.

An old friend now lives in Willingdon and has told me of the great show put on by the Eastbourne authorities and all others concerned so this year I came down for the weekend and had the privilege of watching it for two complete days.

I also read with great astonishment a letter in your issue of August 18 penned by a Tony Spiegal of Darley Road.

I have a feeling I will not be the only one to be appalled by his views. I myself witnessed countless families enjoying the days and was pleased to see many, many youngsters in attendance as well, all of whom were thrilled by the displays.

In response to his comments on the RAF, I feel Mr Spiegal would do well to reflect on the fact that so many young men gave their lives in defence of their country over the very towns, villages, fields, beaches and cliffs etc where the display took place and where he now resides in freedom.

The RAF did play a crucial and pivotal role in changing the course of history and contributed greatly in the delay and eventual cancellation of invasion plans.

I am ex Royal Navy, as is my colleague who also resides now in Sussex, and we speak for all branches of the armed services in recognising the vital 114 day period over the skies of Southern England when our fate hung in the balance.

I am from the next generation, and will never forget that period in our island’s history, nor will my son who has been educated enough to also appreciates these facts. Once again – well done Eastbourne and all those organisers and participants. Keep it coming!