Thank heavens France is close if I can’t get treated at the DGH!

Some years ago Annette Sargeant said to the people of Eastbourne that all the Hospital doctors, and most GPs were happy with the closure of All Saints Hospital.

In fact 92 percent of hospital doctors and 94 percent of GPs had voted against the closure. Darren Grayson publically announced that all the clinicians concerned were happy with the changes to midwifery and paediatrics, and, indeed, had asked for them.

We now know that ALL the Eastbourne paediatricians are against the changes. We also know that the vast majority of GPs in the area are against the changes.

I do hope Mr Grayson will be happy with his large ‘golden handshake’ when he has the grace to move on to pastures new.

I would suggest however, that as a result of Mr Grayson’s actions, complaints against the hospital should fall; if there is an obstetric disaster in a car at Glyne Gap, with the loss of a baby, or, indeed, a mother, presumably the hospital cannot be blamed, since the delivery did not occur there!

Soon the problems will get worse, wait for the day when Brighton is ‘closed’ due to a major accident, Eastbourne is closed because of management decisions, Conquest is closed because of overcrowding, Pembury is closed because it is overwhelmed.

Thank heavens that France is so close! These situations have all already arisen, by luck and the grace of God, no-one has died that we know of, but it won’t be long.


Foords Lane, Pevensey.