Thank heavens for the work of the homeless charities

THE recent extreme cold weather has me thinking about the homeless who are sleeping rough and how fortunate the majority of us are.

We turn up the heating, wonder what to cook for dinner, there’s usually a choice and then snuggle into our warm beds at night.

How many of us give a thought to the one’s out there looking for shelter, hungry and cold? Some may not wake up due to hypothermia which is a real risk.

Thank God for the Churches opening their doors to give a bed for the night, food and hope.

Thanks to the Salvation Army, to Oasis and also the Food Bank here in Eastbourne.

I am sure there are others not mentioned here.

You are all such special people.

However, there is still not enough done to provide for the homeless. Thank you and to all those out there who care.


Primrose Close