Tesco can wear down Eastbourne council

It is not at all surprising that the planning committee of Eastbourne Borough Council are to approve the opening of yet another Tesco store in Eastbourne.

Tesco, with its vast resources and a willingness to spend vast amounts on planning applications, it can soon wear down local councils, given especially the huge cost of planning appeals and the financial burden that can be placed on scarce council funds.

This was the case in Meads, where Tesco, on appeal obtained permission to open a store in spite of strong local opposition, expressed by way of objections and local demonstrations.

What drives Tesco to constantly expand its empire? Is it not not content with over 30 per cent of the UK grocery market?

I have no doubt that its presence in local town centres adversely affects existing shops and retail outlets.

The Tesco relentless expansion into books, clothing, electronics, furniture, petrol, pharmaceuticals, banking, insurance, second hand cars, internet and mobile phone services, alcohol, garden centres, DIY supplies has put irresistible pressure on all local shops who struggle to compete.

I fear, however, Tesco will not be content until the Tesco name is over every shop door in every town and village!

TONY HOLLAND, Cranborne Avenue.