Tell us what happened at Langney

My name is Hercule Poirot. I am investigating the ongoing mystery of the Langney Shopping Centre. I have only one question. Why did the roof collapse over the central mall?

I believe that London and Associated Management Services (LAMS), together with the owners Langney Shopping Centre Unit Trust (whoever they are) are very much aware of the reason for the roof collapse, but as yet have issued no statement.

Mon ami, may I present my case. According to Cascade Communications work has started to reinforce elements of the existing roof besides reinstating the collapsed section.

Therefore by simple logic a reason must be known for the collapse because otherwise how would the repair contractors know the right area was being reinforced.

There is consirerable public concern regarding the aforesaid and I contend that an exhibition of the actual repair plans should be shown in the shopping centre with building control and repair management present to explain just what has been done.

This would then alleviate public worry and apprehension. After all it is the public’s money that will keep the centre open.