Taking issue with the figures

I MUST take issue with the comments in the letters from R Hopkins and Ian Lucas in the editions of July 15 and August 5. The figures presented by Mr Hopkins are wrong.

The UK in 2009 contributed 7.9 billion Euros to the EU and received back 6.25 billion Euros.

Our net contribution was therefore 1.65 billion Euros which means that we contributed 27,397 Euros per day.

This is NOT £48 million per day (figures promulgated by UKIP). It is worth pointing out the difference goes towards developing the less developed countries within the 27 members of the EU.

We benefit by being a member of the Union where we have influence on the improvement of many aspects of life within Europe and beyond - for instance improvements in the environment, motor vehicle safety, standards for the quality of pharmaceuticals etc.

If we were outside the EU we would have no influence on its procedures and developments but would be required to follow their leads in order to do business; that is the situation for Norway.

The EU is our most important export market. This is the view of the British Government, expressed most recently by Foreign Secretary William Hague in a Sunday newspaper.

Our additional loan of £9 billion to the IMF is to facilitate the continuation of the Euro after the problems in Greece, Portugal and Ireland.

This payment has no impact upon our sovereign debt as it was taken from a reserve fund. If these countries default we will suffer. We need growth to get the world out of current difficulties.

Robin James

Rowan Avenue