Swimmers blighted by jet ski menace

The jet ski menace. The sea swimming season is here again and members of Eastbourne Swimming Club and the David Lloyd Club are training for Open Water races which take place in the sea, in rivers and in various lakes.

We all train between the Redoubt Fortress and the Wish Tower and swim parallel to the beach and no more than about 25 metres from the shore, usually much closer.

However, as in previous seasons, we are being menaced by jet skis which, when you are swimming and low down in the water, is very frightening.

Last weekend a white jet ski with a red top on successive days drove almost up to the beach and both the rider and his pillion passenger were looking at the beach whilst travelling eastwards at speed narrowly missing one of our member who was clearly swimming a few yards from the beach.

On another day, a jet ski travelled along the west side of the pier around the end and down the east side narrowly missing one of our members.

He then drove through the pier and went between two swimmers who were swimming close together, which was extremely frightening.

Other local resorts place buoys off shore and forbid motorised craft from approaching the beach and endangering bathers.

Our council says it does not have the funding for these safety measures.

Will it find the funding when someone is killed or maimed by one of these show-offs?

R.T. Blount

Eastbourne Swimming Club

Rylstone Road