Surely someone can solve this hospital problem

BY COINCIDENCE, I was involved on February 2 in just such a situation as described on the front page of the Gazette on the same day.

The ambulance crew were professional and the hospital staff were dedicated.

Nevertheless, there was a queue of patients on trolleys with their ambulance crews, and an equivalent queue of ambulances, all out of action for many hours, while their services were badly needed elsewhere.

Some ambulances were pressed into service for Eastbourne from distant towns.

Clearly, the crews should be able to hand over their patients on arrival and leave.

At present this is not possible as it would involve employing a further team of qualified staff to take responsibility for the incoming patients while they waited for bed-space.

It is a conundrum. Is there no expert among the highly-paid NHS bureaucrats who can solve it?

John Rigby

Meads Road