Surely not yet another wasted opportunity

EASTBOURNE Borough Council has yet again demonstrated its unfitness to run this resort.

They plan to ‘refurbish’ the eyesore that is the crumbling Wish Tower restaurant when they should demolish it and start again.

It occupies an unrivalled position on one of Britain’s most attractive seaside promenades.

Here is an opportunity to commission and construct what could become as iconic a building as Bexhill’s De La Warr Pavilion.

A three-storey circular restaurant/bar/café complex with balconies and roof terrace could offer a unique entertainment experience for residents and visitors. The views, particularly on a summer’s evening, would be unrivalled.

But have the council ever considered such a plan? They should already have announced an international competition for such a design.

Instead we face the prospect of yet another structure with concrete cancer hidden behind scaffolding while expensive London consultants are called in to offer ‘radical, far-reaching, state-of-the-art’ blather!


Granville Road