Surely cyclists and walkers can share the promenade?

In response to Rodney Colbran’s letter about the promenade is for walking, why can’t it be shared with two feet set aside for cyclists?

Surely those with young children would not leave them unattended to roam into the cycle lane in front of a cyclist (we are not all as fast as the wonderful Victoria Pendleton) or heaven forbid the road and those less agile enough would actually be spotted by the cyclists as long as they move less than warp factor 2.

And as for being called ‘inconsiderate pests’ that is a derogatory remark against people who decide that cycling is a healthier way of getting around and frees up parking for visitors to the town and a nicer way of travel.

Maybe the stuffy Mr Colbran needs to get on his bike and blow away a few of those cobwebs,

Linda Carey, Milfoil Drive