Surely a clever ploy to provoke reaction

MALCOLM Rasala has made such a rabid attack on Eastbourne that I wonder why he lives so close to a town he despises and to make matters worse for him, he lives in Sovereign Harbour – a new town, built in traditional style.

Either his over-the-top ranting is a clever ploy to get Eastbournians to stand up for the town or maybe he has friends in the building development trade, who need all the help they can get.

Yes, Eastbourne, like many other towns, is suffering from a severe economic downturn.

Traders and residents put up a tremendous fight against the Conservative-led county council to prevent parking meters blighting the town, but democracy flew out of the window once again, when the Government (Labour) overruled the wishes of the people.

The town was already struggling from the out-of-town shopping centres, which still offer free parking.

Councils seem to favour the large supermarkets as they are still mushrooming, knowing full well they will draw people from the town.

Destroying more parts of Eastbourne by expanding the modern artificial blandness of the Arndale Centre will do nothing to refresh and revitalise our lovely unique town or solve the problem of the empty shops.

As Mr Rasala finds so little joy in Eastbourne, I suggest he moves to Brighton (he likes the crowded beaches) or to a modern new town filled with the latest shiny boxes (shops and houses).

Perhaps he doesn’t get out enough as there’s so much going on in Eastbourne and the people, of all ages, are second to none.


Harding Avenue