Support needed to stop DGH break-up

I have lived in Eastbourne for 23 years now and have needed the DGH on numerous occasions, especially for the birth of my children and the subsequent ailments that they have had since their birth.

My son was born prematurely and after a two month stay in Brighton, he was very well looked after by the staff at DGH until the day that we could finally take him home aged four and a half months.

I spent a lot of time at the hospital and owed them a huge debt of thanks for keeping my son alive during desperate times and tried to return the favour by doing a series of fundraising events including throwing myself off the Pier for the Birdman competition and making the front page of the Herald in August 1994.

Since then I have been a very vocal supporter of the DGH, always signing any of the petitions about saving our hospital but I am ashamed to say that is where my support has stopped.

I am now aware that the DGH is approaching, very rapidly, its biggest crisis and the time for just signing petitions is past.

I will be doing all I can, to try and stop the break-up of our hospital. We live in a town with 100,0000 people in it and for us to only have half the services that we need will be a travisty of justice.

I would urge everyone else in Eastbourne who has had similar experiences to me and my family to also do just a little bit more to support the DGH.

The time is running out for us to voice our opinions, we need to do something now.

Jim Murray

Kingston Road