Superfluous parking lines

I’M no friend of the motorist, but then again I am not exactly enamoured by the behaviour of some cyclists and pedestrians either - I’m harsh but fair! (ie I’m nasty about everyone!).

However, although parking regulations around the town are rife and it is difficult to find a parking spot even if a person is prepared to pay, I’d like to address the issue of superfluous double-yellows.

For example, outside the St Wilfrid’s Hospice shop in Langney Road are double-yellow lines.

These should have been removed decades ago as their sole purpose was to stop blocking the entrance to what was then the Southdown bus station.

Once it closed, one would have thought the authorities would have removed them as unnecessary?

By all means, have sensible parking restrictions and paint more lines where needed.

But be fair, once the restrictions are no longer necessary, remove them as quickly as possible.


Penhurst Close